Web Developer and Application Designer

I build solid software from the ground up that people depend on.

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Hi, I'm Logan. Nice to meet you.

I am a web and application developer who recently completed Thinkful's Full Stack Flex web development program. My favorite programming languages and platforms are Javascript, Java, C/C++, Android, and HTML5. I have made several Android apps that many people have found useful with more than 10,000 total downloads. One of the most enjoyable things about programming to me is how each new project is like a puzzle. You have to figure out how the broader project architecture will fit together, as well as find and fix bugs, which can be like solving an interesting mystery itself.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy spending my time relaxing in nature or bettering myself. Destressing by walking in lush green forests and national parks is one of my favorite things to do. I'm very health conscious and you can often catch me working out or snacking on some kale. Although I try to give myself time away from the screen when I'm not working, I often find myself drawn back to invest time in personal projects as well as learning new things. In addition to programming, I'm interested in a bunch of different topics such as history, science, and psychology.


WifiMouse Icon


An Android application I developed which turns your phone into a wireless mouse and keyboard with many useful features.

Sticky Notes App

Sticky Notes

Windows app written in C# that allows users to post realistic looking sticky notes on their desktop. Downloaded over 140k times on the Windows Store!

Forum Icon

Forum App

This is a full-stack forum/disccusion board app created to showcase my knowledge in React, Node, and PostgreSQL.

Clothing Store Icon

Clothing Store Demo

Here's another full-stack app, this one is a proof of concept clothing store app also utilizing React, Node, and PostgreSQL.

Quick Box2D Editor

Quick Box2D Editor

Here is a scene editor I made for Box2D, a physics engine.

Catris HTML5 Game


Catris is a cat-themed game similar to the arcade-classic Tetris.

Zombie Icon

Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

This is an online quiz web app developed during my time at Thinkful while taking part in their Full Stack Flex Course.

Hiking App Icon

Hiking Trails Search

Tool to find nearby hiking trails and learn about them. Uses hikingproject.com's API as well as the Google Maps API.