Logan Krumbhaar

Mobile Developer - Game Designer - Javascript Programmer


About Me

My journey as a programmer started at age 12 when I began to learn the Lua scripting language motivated by the promise of being able to mod some of my favorite games, which the childhood me thought would be the coolest thing ever. I couldn't wait to code my own weapons, levels, and games.

Very quickly I did learn Lua and started toying with it, falling in love with the development process from a young age. Sown in my childhood, that same fascination and spark of interest has stayed with me till today and has fueled the design, development, and deployment of multiple applications and games from start to finish.


Website / Google Play

WifiMouse is an Android application that allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your computer. You can use the touchscreen like a mousepad, project the computer's screen onto your phone, transfer/manage files, and more all across WiFi. Many people like to use it for things like watching Netflix or controlling their music from the couch.

The Android App was designed in Java, with a companion desktop application that uses C++ and the Qt framework. It is a sophisticated application which many users use daily. It has over 5,000 downloads and was featured in the very popular Android Police publication.

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Web Demo / Google Play

Catris is a cat-themed game similar to the arcade-classic Tetris. It was released for Android and uses HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL technology to provide a su-*purr*-bly fun user experience.

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Auto USB Tethering

Google Play

Auto USB Tethering is a niche app for rooted Android users. Its function is simple, and only took me a single day to code and deploy. When you plug your phone in, it will auto-enable your phone's mobile hotspot as well as share it across USB. Normally you have to click through a few settings pages to accomplish this, but this app automates that process. It's very handy if your computer doesn't have a built-in WiFi card. You can auto share 4G or access WiFi networks from your phone all while it's charging.

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Quick Box2D Editor

Video Showcase / Editor

Here is a Javascript web application I made while I was learning Box2D, a physics engine. It allows for quickly creating and testing various scenes composed of different physics objects and joints.

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Balloon Shooter Mobile

Web Demo / YouTube Full Development Log

This is a mobile game I made in one month using C# and Unity technologies. I set a 1 month deadline and recorded all of my progress, posting on YouTube almost every day until it was finished. I specced out a plan of what I wanted and executed it accordingly to come up with the end product of a game that was fully designed, planned, and created by me from start to finish within the deadline given.

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Javascript Demos

I'm a tinkerer at heart and often make something cool- by accident! Here are a few cool effects I stumbled upon and other things I've made while messing around in Javascript:

Sea star
Biped balance attempt
Simple physics engine
CHM -> HTML compiler

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